Ice Age Farmer Ep #001: July 13, 2017

Today: steps towards self-sufficiency, standing on the shoulders of giants, question about self-sufficient aquaponics, and in the news, folks in Moscow are depressed because of the unusually cloudy and wet summer — let’s take a look at nutritive ways to support ourselves using Vitamin D and Omega 3 through Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the Grand Solar Minimum. Get in touch: iceagefarmer [at]


Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the current Grand Solar Minimum / Little Ice Age.


1. What are you doing today? We must take steps every day towards self-sufficiency.

Amazon’s Bezos and Ex-Google’s Eric Schmidt are investing in vertical farming, so that they can profit from the collapse of agriculture. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY? Share below, build community, hold each other accountable.

2. IAF focus on how to prosper in gsm. In this, standing on the shoulders of giants, uniquely positioned to synthesize these lifetimes of research into a concrete set of philosophies to guide us through GSM.

3. Question from bananas: Is aquaponics sustainable without chemicals?

4. Moscow depressed due to cold, dark summer. How do we plan to support our bodies
through this?

Vitamin D sources — look further please, Dr. Ted from Healthmasters speaks to it:
Oyster mushrooms!

Omega 3 also found in Spirulina and Moringa.


Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the current Grand Solar Minimum / Little Ice Age.


Grand Solar Minimum News on Independence Day

IAF reviews Grand Solar Minimum news on this Independence Day, 2017, and defines the process of driving towards independence: what do I depend on today, and can I imagine systems to enact today so that I don’t depend on them tomorrow? how do I constantly invest in my future? (links below)

Crop losses continue, exponentially increasing extreme weather events, and volcanic/seismic activity: many indications that the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum continue to accelerate. START MOVING TOWARDS SELF-SUFFICIENCY TODAY.

Start taking daily steps NOW towards self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the Grand Solar Minimum.

nasa releases, alt media picking up on it
modified limited hangout…

steven hawking coming out…
even as record cold at north pole’s summer……
melt hasn’t even begun yet…

crop losses:
flooded fields, frost, frozen corn affecting farmers cross USA…
floods in china…

amish man sentenced to 6 years in prison for improperly labelled food……
criminalizing food production
good sign? that state is playing the long game?

noctilucent clouds return!

Green String Farm: On Constant Reinvestment

I visit the Green String Farm, home of the Green String Institute, known for its sustainable farming practices. One of their mottos is “50% for people, 50% for nature.” At any one time, half of the farm is dedicated to restoring/improving/building its soil and productive processes, while the other half is actually producing for people. Clearly these aren’t entirely mutually exclusive, but it’s a guiding principal.

Ice Age Farmer discusses the application of this principle both to one’s own self-sufficiency in the coming Grand Solar Minimum, underscoring the need to constantly reinvest in ones own property and processes (and learning!), but also to the 50%/50% balance many of us must currently strike between maintaining a life in the current paradigm while preparing simultaneously to thrive in the changing times.

Also in this video:

* Worm Bin Basics — (time to setup the worm bin!)
* Freshly picked cherries
* A freaking huge stack of trays for microgreens

Please share with your friends information on the Grand Solar Minimum and the resulting climate disturbances we are experiencing, as well as intensification of the crop losses that have already begun.