Grand Solar Minimum: Billion € Crop Losses, Grow Zones Shifting

“The regular Joe does not know what’s going on.” / “Our livelihood is at risk.” As Galactic Cosmic Rays continue to intensify under our quiet sun, staggering agricultural catastrophes abound. The pope encourages you to eat Leftovers, and Google News talks about Qanon; all distractions are in play as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies. Exciting times for humanity–worthwhile challenges as consciousness rises. Start growing your own food today.

Spread the truth – these are natural cycles, and it’s up to us to build anti-fragile communities in order to thrive in the times ahead.

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5-min intro to the science:

Map of Major Crop Losses:

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Popocatepetl “a bit active”

Myanmar flooding:

Germany: -20% slump in harvest

Germany – Heat is affecting agriculture

“You should grow olives” — ‘climate expert’ geophysicist who works for crop insurer

Norway: Worst in 50 yrs

The worst grain crops in more than 50 years


Georgia peaches 50% lost to cold

$70m invested into fake fruit skin: