Ice Age Farmer Ep #001: July 13, 2017

Today: steps towards self-sufficiency, standing on the shoulders of giants, question about self-sufficient aquaponics, and in the news, folks in Moscow are depressed because of the unusually cloudy and wet summer — let’s take a look at nutritive ways to support ourselves using Vitamin D and Omega 3 through Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) in the Grand Solar Minimum. Get in touch: iceagefarmer [at]


Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the current Grand Solar Minimum / Little Ice Age.


1. What are you doing today? We must take steps every day towards self-sufficiency.

Amazon’s Bezos and Ex-Google’s Eric Schmidt are investing in vertical farming, so that they can profit from the collapse of agriculture. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY? Share below, build community, hold each other accountable.

2. IAF focus on how to prosper in gsm. In this, standing on the shoulders of giants, uniquely positioned to synthesize these lifetimes of research into a concrete set of philosophies to guide us through GSM.

3. Question from bananas: Is aquaponics sustainable without chemicals?

4. Moscow depressed due to cold, dark summer. How do we plan to support our bodies
through this?

Vitamin D sources — look further please, Dr. Ted from Healthmasters speaks to it:
Oyster mushrooms!

Omega 3 also found in Spirulina and Moringa.


Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the current Grand Solar Minimum / Little Ice Age.


Moringa: 1-Month Results / Grow Boxes / Scaling Up

1-month Moringa check-in. Results of experiments (outside vs. inside, potting mix vs native soil), the realization of grow boxes, and progress establishing a pipeline of these prolific “natural multivitamins” for self-sustenance through the Grand Solar Minimum.

Please share with your friends information on the Grand Solar Minimum and the resulting climate disturbances we are experiencing, as well as intensification of the crop losses that have already begun.



Some notes:

Moringa leaves contain:
• 2 times the protein of yogurt
• 7 times the vitamin C of oranges
• 3 times the potassium of bananas
• 4 times the vitamin A of carrots
• 4 times the calcium of milk

Leaves are used as a purgative. ( — HEADS UP !! )

Juice from the leaves is believed to have a stabilizing effect on blood pressure and is used to treat anxiety.

It is believed to control glucose levels in cases of diabetes.

The oil from Moringa (35-40% by weight of the seeds) can be used for cooking and a number of purposes: cooking and cosmetics; and because it won’t spoil and turn rancid, it is also used as a preservative and machinery lubricant, even being used as a lubricant in fine watches.

Mixed with honey and followed by a drink of coconut milk 2 or 3 times a day, leaves are used as a remedy for diarrhea, dysentery and colitis.

Leaf juice, sometimes with carrot juice added, is used as a diuretic.

Eating leaves is recommended in cases of gonorrhea because of the diuretic action.

Leaves and buds are rubbed on the temples for headache.

A poultice is made from fresh leaves and applied to reduce glandular swelling.

Leaf juice is used as a skin antiseptic.

Leaves are used to treat fevers, bronchitis, eye and ear infections, scurvy, and catarrh (inflammation of the mucus membrane).

Leaves are considered to be anthelmintic ( able to kill intestinal worms).

Eating leaves is believed to increase a woman’s milk production and is sometimes prescribed for anemia.

IAF: A Call to Spread Awareness

IAF issues a sincere call to spread awareness of the Grand Solar Minimum we have entered and the importance of GROWING YOUR OWN FOOD, and, in sharing the message, building stronger, self-sufficient communities to thrive in the times ahead.

“Survival seed packs” do a disservice by implying a sense of food security, when in fact, it is the knowledge of how to grow food, save seeds for next year, and share this knowledge with a growing, self-sufficient community. IAF explores how to meet the most basic of human needs in a bottom-up (individual) model, without the state to provide for you.

Also in this video:

* hill your potatoes at 8-10″ high. potatoes are top of list of calorie-rich food.
* viewing spirulina algae at 1200x

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