Experts, “Cycles Suggest Earth has entered Global Cooling”

From the Daily Star:

Experts told Daily Star Online planet Earth is on course for a “Little Age Ice” within the next three years thanks to a cocktail of climate change and low solar activity.

Research shows a natural cooling cycle that occurs every 230 years began in 2014 and will send temperatures plummeting even further by 2019.

Scientists are also expecting a “huge reduction” in solar activity for 33 years between 2020 and 2053 that will cause thermometers to crash.

Both cycles suggest Earth is entering a global cooling cycle that could have devastating consequences for global economy, human life and society as we know it. Millions of lives would be at risk of prolonged blackouts, food and electricity shortages and cold-related health problems.

If predictions of the world-wide big freeze come true, the plot to 2004 film The Day After Tomorrow would not be far from reality during winter.

Daily Star, May 8, 2017

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Aquaponics: Ammonia: Testing, Diagnosing, and Remedying

Quick discussion of the importance of regular ammonia testing of your aquaponics setup. Watch here.

– bubbles lingering on surface of tank water
– fish looking lethargic
… immediately test the water!

– water change to alleviate situation — fish won’t like (or survive long in) non-zero ammonia levels
– identify and remedy source:
– rotting organic material in tank?
– excessive organic material in filter?
– dead zone in grow bed?

YOU CAN DO THIS AT HOME! –And you should, to produce clean food for your family. It’s that or watch as the food prices continue to increase, and ultimately, the shelves empty completely.

Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the current Grand Solar Minimum / Little Ice Age.