Puerto Rico, HAM Radio, Daily Steps, GSM News (e16)

Join IAF as we explore the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico’s agriculture, take a look at how their grid and distribution systems are (or aren’t) coming back online).

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IAF016 10/4/2017:

1. Icebreaker: puerto rico coverage — systems break down
100% agriculture — no one talking about
grid down / gas distribution / logistics “reboot”

2. Daily Steps over video iceland’s aurora:

Shawn: overcame anxiety after realization, got some non-gmo seeds, started planting away!
Shaun: doing experiments with DC voltage applied to seeds
James Coleman: lives in Canada, and is now a criminal for listening to this Podcast, and for questioning the Global Warming narrative
“Galileo & Copernicus were thrown into jail for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun.”
Phi: has written letters to local papers, trying to get climate truth in Opinion Piece — awesome work Phi
k-Bird: was inspired by the video of vertical towers i posted to try his hand, thrilled to hear
I: spent 90min today on the two spirulina tanks, which is too much. in these times, need systems that will run themselves.
looking/feeling more and more like the self-sufficient homestead of the future is going to look more like an acre and a goat, than battlestar galactica, but hope springs eternal that tech will help soften our landing.

3. GSM news

* https://www.agweb.com/article/northea…
* https://www.iceagenow.info/dont-let-c…
* http://strangesounds.org/2017/10/mass…
* other articles that are driven by the #gsm hashtags — see wiki.iceagefarmer.com/wiki/Grand_Solar_Minimum_Symptoms

4. HAM Radio

Radio is powerful. The ability to communicate independently is desirable.

I have and recommend a handheld Baofeng; they are programmable so that you can set the frequencies of local repeaters, and have these handy in an emergency/grid-down situation.

Also mentioned: coverage of HAM operators saving lives in Puerto Rico.

5. Book of the Day: Encyclopedia of Country Living
This is a really great guide, tips for self-sufficient homestead:

http://amzn.to/2fSTWeG 40th ann edition or
http://amzn.to/2fRhu3F find paperback for $5

6. Item of the Day: Baofeng BF-F8HP handheld ham radio

Let’s go ahead and make the recommendation of a handheld radio official. Being able to communicate without grid power/internet is important, and worth $60:

http://amzn.to/2xi64bN $62

Grand Solar Minimum News: July 5, 2017

IAF highlights the historic flooding across Western Japan which has caused 400,000+ people to evacuate today–receiving 16 inches in 4 hours!!–as well as other headlines reinforcing the core IAF message: START GROWING YOUR FOOD TODAY. Crop losses continue, exponentially increasing extreme weather events, and volcanic/seismic activity: many indications that the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum continue to accelerate. (All links below the video.)

Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the Grand Solar Minimum!

JULY 5, 2017





Man dies in Hiroshima Prefecture, children missing in Fukuoka after heavy rain hits west







Supporting the MODIFIED LIMITED HANGOUT theory — they couldn’t stop the public from catching on.

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