Grand Solar Minimum: Billion € Crop Losses, Grow Zones Shifting

“The regular Joe does not know what’s going on.” / “Our livelihood is at risk.” As Galactic Cosmic Rays continue to intensify under our quiet sun, staggering agricultural catastrophes abound. The pope encourages you to eat Leftovers, and Google News talks about Qanon; all distractions are in play as the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies. Exciting times for humanity–worthwhile challenges as consciousness rises. Start growing your own food today.

Spread the truth – these are natural cycles, and it’s up to us to build anti-fragile communities in order to thrive in the times ahead.

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5-min intro to the science:

Map of Major Crop Losses:

IAF Wiki – read history, understand cycles, know what’s coming:


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Popocatepetl “a bit active”

Myanmar flooding:

Germany: -20% slump in harvest

Germany – Heat is affecting agriculture

“You should grow olives” — ‘climate expert’ geophysicist who works for crop insurer

Norway: Worst in 50 yrs

The worst grain crops in more than 50 years


Georgia peaches 50% lost to cold

$70m invested into fake fruit skin:


“Snowtill” – Coldest since 1895 – Planting On Hold – Farmers Miserable

Farmers are suffering as the cold, wet spring has put a stunning halt to agriculture. Temperatures going down, greenhouses going up. Crop losses continue globally, and we must all be preparing for the times ahead.

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Start preparing today and enjoy abundance in the future.

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* Oehler’s $50 and up underground house book

* He has a Earth-Sheltered Solar Greenhouse book:



90% of Canada still covered in snow:

Historically cold April will mean Lower Yields (YUP):

Illinois — soil temp 11’F cooler than last year

Illinois Weather: Cooler Than Normal Soil Temps

COLDEST April since 1895:

China’s Passionfruit 50% loss to COLD AND WET:

Garden Professors blog

When spring is delayed

Eat Crickets, Please

While uploading this video, SDSU Extension published an article: “Cool and Wet Spring Slowing Down Planting Season 2018”

“Trump’s Trade War” now blamed for Food Prices; #FodderCrisis. Harvest Delay 1mo — COLD & WET

Does “Trump’s Trade War” provide a strawman on which to blame food price inflation and the collapse of international trade? A lack of feed in Ireland is causing a #FodderCrisis. “Cold & wet” are everywhere: crop losses abound. Start growing food today.

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Expected Volcanic Mega Eruption of 2018:
Peak Food:
Fragile Power Grid:
Record Flu / Diseases:


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* Italy: harvest 10 days later than last year, ONE MONTH LATER than AVERAGE:

* Orange prices rise after Chinese tariffs

* Trade war beginning, ag products hit hard
* Ag going to get hit hard : Adam Kantranovich, Extension Prof, Clemson U

India – Hailstorm, rains damage 33,265 acres of paddy in Nalgond

* African hydroponics

* Australian growers trying to convince consumers to eat damaged fruit:

Hailstorm Heroes pear campaign

Volcanic/Seismic Uptick; On Q Anon; Dalton Minimum; Russian Permaculture (e30)

We are experiencing the expected increase in volcanic/seismic activity, as the Grand Solar Minimum results in still increased Galactic Cosmic Rays, and transitively, increased cloud cover, general climate chaos, and resulting crop losses. A Strategy of Tension deploys layered psyops to keep people from focusing on the collapsing ecosystems. Q Anon/Trump cannot grow your food. You can. Start now.

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HISTORY: Lewis & Clarke Exp. Climate Records


Mt Agung erupting in Bali (1/12):

Stromboli eruption (1/12):

Mt Mayon (1/14, second time this weekend):

Philippines also rattled by ten quakes, growing in strength (1/14):

Costa Rica’s Tenorio earthquake swarms:

Reconnecting to Nature through Spiritual Permaculture: How Russians grow 51% of their food


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Dr. Anita Bailey: Cold Times: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age
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Sacha Dobler’s “Next GSM & Cosmic Rays” intro:
The next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes for Beginners

Oppenheimer Ranch Project:
Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the Grand Solar Minimum!