After the “Harvest from Hell”, modern agriculture continues continues to deteriorate rapidly: sugar processors shutting down refineries. The worlds largest horseradish producer warning of shortages. Disasters declared across states. ASF spreading to Poland. Governments have near-perfect knowledge of production numbers. Thomas Jefferson describes the Dalton Minimum — “Unprecedented.” Kroger joins the retailers growing their own food, launching in-store hydroponic growing. Are you growing your own food too? Prepare now.

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Thomas Jefferson on the Grand Solar Minimum

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing:

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Biodynamic practices:

Matt Powers’ “The Permaculture Student 2”,%20the%202nd%20Edition%20(ebook).pdf

UMN Deep Winter Greenhouse:

US Sugar processors shutting down:

SUGAR Analysis: US sugar shortage possibility bullish for sugar price

And canneries:

Poor crops result in layoffs in Weirton

Seed potatoes shortage expected:

Martin Armstrong: the Coming Big Freeze:

The Coming Big Freeze

World’s biggest Horseradish producer warns of shortage after cold, wet:

Canada: One Million acres of Canola freeze in fields:

Millions of acres of Canadian canola freeze, compounding ‘harvest from hell’

GrainCorp collapsing:

Michigan declares disaster:

More than half of Michigan counties given disaster designation

Kroger launches indoor growing:

Walmart’s robotic bees:

Wendy’s switches to indoor growing:

Wendy’s to only use greenhouse, hydroponic tomatoes

USDA relocating vs. Smart Farming / Precision AgTech:

ASF found 70km from German border:

Dr. Valentina Zharkova warns of Global Cooling, Food Security:`