Food prices are rising, and companies are stockpiling ingredients ahead of shocks to our food security. US corn shortage has cows & pigs eating donuts. BeyondMeat/Impossible Burger are openly attacking our food system. Start growing your own food today.

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Worldwide Cold/ Snow Records 2019 (While the media is still talking about the 3-days Heat Wave in June).

USA – Millions of unplanted acres mean billions in crop insurance payouts this year


Bangladesh – Floods damage crops on 172,000 hectares of land


India – Assam tea output may drop 8% on rain, floods

Canada – Cherry industry suffers 50% drop in season’s volume

Brazil – Unexpected frost brings uncertainty to coffee production

Tesco 152% food prices:

Canada carrots:

Carrot prices have jumped 30% since February. Here’s why

Impossible foods:

Impossible Foods and Regenerative Grazers Face Off in a Carbon Farming Dust-Up

Wendy’s to only use greenhouse, hydroponic tomatoes

Domino’s is stockpiling pizza ingredients to protect against a disorderly Brexit