NASA’s announcement that the “Solar Minimum is Deepening” caused a rash of media articles — but what does it really mean? With serial multi-billion dollar blows to modern agriculture, we need to start growing our own food. Onion shortages and maple syrup production failures. Farmers are complaining about planting delays after the April blizzard in the US with hashtag #NoPlant19; Prevented Planting acres may be high this season. Saving seeds can save your life. Start growing today.

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Rooting Hormone via Indole-3-butyric acid:

Matt Powers on Resilient Food Production:

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NASA: Solar Minimum Deepens

Experts Predict a Long, Deep Solar Minimum


Corn: Analysts Not Worried “YET”

(…but traders are covering their shorts):

Corn firms as market worries about planting delays

Onion Shortage

America’s Onion Supply Coming Up Short

Huge Losses:

Iran – Flood causes $3b of agricultural loss

Protein Shortage:

Wheat supply crisis levels:

Australia – Cattle deaths: $5 billion loss ‘largely uninsured’

Maple Syrup Offline:

Nova Scotia bailing out farmers after last year’s ‘killer frost’

Cyclone :: get seeds to these people!

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