Icelandic glaciers are growing for the first time in 30 years. Record colds, record snows, record crop failures, and increasing glaciation: all portend the end not just of the Global Warming hoax, but potentially of our way of life. Prepare now.

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This just in from Iceland – glaciers have GROWN during 2018, for the first time in 30 years. Measured autumn-to-autumn, Vatnajökull and Langjökull have both ceased shrinking, they used to lose about 1.5m annually, but not this year.

Hofsjökull has grown slightly between years, and Mýrdalsjökull is also posting additional mass.

Now, The “expert” quickly added that this is no reason to doubt global warming – that it’s natural variation – simply been colder than usual:

“It is a fact that it has been rather colder last few years.”

He added, “I think there was more snowfall in August on the upper part of Langjökull, which is very unusual,”

The interview, however, was conducted before more than a meter of snow fell on Iceland yesterday.

It was, perhaps needless to say, a snow that broke all previous records. Add that to the lengthy list of record snows and colds I enumerated in my video yesterday, “UNPRECEDENTED”

but just to drive this home — this heralds the arrival of empirically observable, measurable glaciation.

Here’s another:
Here’s the snow mass for the n hemisphere – note that we are significantly above the 20 year mean, nearly double the standard deviation above.

This is not excusable by “humans’ global warming”. As our sun has gone quiet, remarkably few sunspots lately, just as has happened in the past solar grand minima, we are experiencing the same changes in our climate: temperatures dropping, wandering jet stream, increased glaciation. This is actively happening now. And you must prepare. Modern agriculture can not–and is not–tolerating these changes.

It is for this reason that those who intend to use the “Climate Change” agenda to impose a totalitarian world government are escalating their rhetoric: Blaming nations and so calling to kill nationalists. Ocasio Cortez–who’s like she’s going to be a real fun one to watch–just the latest recruit to join their chorus, takes the place of already discredited voices, and puts up a new version.

Just like the media, takes down their old, discredited stories, and is publishing them anew now.

But it’s not going well for them. Paris in flames of protest against the new huge carbon tax. And the rest of the world under record snow. Not to mention a US president who openly denies their nonsense.

This. Is why. They are desperate. They are pointing at wildfires of their own creation, and screaming. DON’T YOU SEE THE GLOBAL WARMING? CAN’T YOU FEEL IT? With CA gov Jerry Brown insisting that he’ll make a believer out of you, no matter how many people have to die at the hands of their silent weapons, weather warfare. [clip] that is a pronouncement of war, folks. Against you. And against the truth. These people are extremely dangerous, they will stop at nothing, and they are actively shutting off dissenting voices like mine to control the flow of information on the internet, just as they always in every other medium. Bitchute being the most recent example just yesterday, as paypal cuts them off for no good reason. I’d placed my videos on bitchute as an alternative to Youtube. But they are already cutting off its legs, even as they censor and add disclaimers to this information on the larger platforms.

It is up to you, then, to spread this information. Have conversations offline. As well, that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum, and we need now to preparing: we need to become capABLE. ABLE to grow food. ABLE to store it. and ABLE to defend it.

It won’t take but a single solar flare or large volcanic eruption to change our world radically and overnight. You must prepare for these eventualities now.

Winter is coming.





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