Hurricane Michael wiped out over a billion dollars, just after Florence did the same. Christian looks at how Philippines is frantically importing rice after Typhoon Mangkhut, looks at how insurance actuaries are having to adjust to climate disasters, even as pizzas are shrinking and new studies declare that “meat” must soon be a thing of the past in order to “save the climate.” Let’s break it down — Ice Age Farmer.

Start growing your own food and preparing immediately.

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The IPCC’s new report is being reported heavily (and emotionally) by the media. Safe spaces and meetings NOW are being held at universities and organizations to “discuss”–and cry about–the IPCC’s new report. And Trump is the target of their hatred. Christian explores this emotionally-laden, trauma-based mind control, drops some climate red pills, and breaks it all down today on the Ice Age Farmer.

Are you doing everything you can to prepare and spread the word? The time is now.

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