Many signs herald the collapse of modern agriculture (beyond the preponderance of crop losses globally). Prepare now so that you can continue to feed your family in the future.

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Trucker Strike in Brazil, country grinds to a halt


And while the cold spring has led to a good season for Radishes:

USDA forecasts 2018 winter wheat -6%:

USDA Forecasts Lower Winter Wheat Production

2018 Corn/soy prices rising according to latest WASDE

What Do $3.80 Corn and $10 Soybean Midpoints Mean for 2018 Crop Revenues?

Watermelons guarded at gunpoint

Taiwan – Cops guard watermelons

Food Prices:

A recent British study suggests that there almost 3,000 food products that can be found in a typical grocery store that have shrunk in package size since 2012.
15-20% of all packaged food products have shrunk in last 5 yrs

“Who hikes prices during Ramadan ?”

because indeed shrinkflation is happening around the world — just as are the massive crop losses, and resulting increases in food prices…

Future of food — from Farm to Lab:

COCKROACH MILK: next superfood? told you to watch for more trends SHIFTING CONSUMER ACCEPTANCE like the hail-bruised fruits and BLEEDING BURGER

Cockroach Milk? Experts Call Insect Dairy The Next Superfood


Saskatchewan’s harsh winter — fewer bees, 20-30% less honey:
35 to 40 per cent kill rate in hives. [ Saskatchewan produces about 25% of Canada’s honey crop]

Fewer bees, 20-30 per cent less honey production in Sask. after harsh winter and spring

The climate is only the latest atop GMO/colony collapse disorder:

37 Million Bees Found Dead After Planting Large GMO Corn Field

… and potentially issues with changing UV.

Expected Volcanic Mega Eruption of 2018:
Peak Food:
Fragile Power Grid:
Record Flu / Diseases:



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