Christian stresses the importance of spiritually-informed preparation and activism in the Grand Solar Minimum, and defines anti-fragility as a goal. Latest crop loss news: Vanilla beans more expensive than silver. World wheat production to fall in 2018, and grain stocks are to fall. Food price inflation is starting: even after Amazon’s Whole Foods interference, the seal is now breaking. Also: Kilaeau steam explosion possible.


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* Quail Tracker —

* Essential oils as “green pesticides” – see study on:


The “international grains council” announced that global wheat production would decline for the first time in six years

World wheat output to fall in 2018-19 for first time in six years

This was before the continuing drought in the USA, which the USDA TODAY announced will be smallest winter wheat crop in over a decade:–demand-report/

Prices on the Futures are reacting to this news

Bloomberg: remember inflation? It’s about to show up at grocery store

Adapt 2030: Kilaeua steam explosion possible:

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