Wednesday, 3/21/2018: The Ebner Effect (“UNDO GMO”), plus looking briefly at Grand Solar Minimum headlines, crop losses, global trade patterns for fruit.

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Expected Volcanic Mega Eruption of 2018:
Peak Food:
Fragile Power Grid:
Record Flu / Diseases:


The natural cycles of the sun and, as a result, the changing climate on our planet, present very real and immediate challenges. Learn more about the history of previous cycles and these challenges, spread the word, and start getting prepared:


IAF Crop Loss Map:

Google Trends: GSM

Ebner Effect:!/v/iceagefarmer/c1n7x4jd

Africa – Cereal crops under threat

Philippines – Luzon mango production drops by 70 percent

World Fruit Trade Map:

Al Gore Lies:

Gore travels to Dubai, warns: ‘Global warming’ triggering ‘flying rivers, rain bombs’

NOAA Fakes Data:

Arctic Ice Volume Growth Surprises As Solar Activity Approaches Near 200-Year Low

Arkansas Hailstorm:

FAO Report on Agricultural Losses: