Seeds treated with cold plasma exhibit significant improvements in germination and growth. A team in Japan crafted a $320 device to effect these changes. ALSO: Lactobacillus serum is an amazing thing I’ve just discovered, used from unclogging drains, to aiding compost, to probiotics for your gut, to supercharging your soil. Finally: cool crowdfunded projects, and AI-based plant growth.

The natural cycles of the sun and, as a result, the changing climate on our planet, present very real and immediate challenges. Learn more about the history of previous cycles and these challenges, spread the word, and start getting prepared:

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Start moving towards self-sufficiency today. Learn more about the natural cycles dictating these changes, and how to prepare, from the Ice Age Farmer wiki:

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* New wiki resource: per potential for frost damage, via George C (thanks), here are critical temps for fruit trees at various stages, and based on a 30-min exposure:

* Sunspot Record


* Scientists from Japan

* Czech company producing plasma seed treatment devices — pricing unclear


Used to great effect in human and animal health, pest treatment, even cleaning up wastewater, — need to study more but again, fermentation seems to hold key to many benefits.

* Great Thread on how to create it:

* USES for Lactobacillus Serum on


* Wastebot: very well-branded gasifier (bttf)

Crowdfunding Clean Fuel

* GrowDirector (israel)

* Bowery

Bowery Launches AI-Enabled Indoor Farming Business with $7.5m in Seed Funding