Tonight, a message of hope — ACT LOCALLY! — after acknowledging that today’s mag 7.5 earthquake in Papua New Guinea, minutes after the M5.6 off the East coast of Japan, reinforces the fact that the Pacific Ring is, indeed, on Fire.

DO NOT underestimate YOUR ability to create change. If you can imagine it happening, even given most of the constraints of reality, and take daily steps, you’ll get there

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* 7.5 Quake + aftershocks in Papua New Guinea:

* Shots via Earthquake 3d:

* Landslides at Ok Tedi mines:

* Mining & Petroleum operations shut down in PNG:
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* Maine town declares food sovereignty:

Maine Town Declares Food Sovereignty

* Eccentric Todmorden grows all its own food:

* Todmorden, West Yorkshire, goal to be food self-sufficient by this year:

* Queensland suburb, one couple started mad at price of limes, has grown to 11 streets producing their own food:
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