Beast from the East. Huge snowfall in Rome. Infrastructure failing: Canadian town completely cut off after rail flooding.

The natural cycles of the sun and, as a result, the changing climate on our planet, present very real and immediate challenges. Learn more about the history of previous cycles and these challenges, from ICE AGE FARMER, and via the wiki:

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Peak Food:
Fragile Power Grid:
Record Flu / Diseases:


Start moving towards self-sufficiency today. Learn more about the natural cycles dictating these changes, and how to prepare, from the Ice Age Farmer wiki:

Crop Loss Map:

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* UK, brutal cold, beast from the east:
* Coral, the online bookie, place bets, has EVEN ODDS of 2018 being coldest year ever

* Heaviest snowfall in rome for 6 years, (largest in decades in late Feb!)

* Heaviest snow since 1983 — and references the Little Ice Age

* Global raisin shortage, worsened by CA wildfires, causes UK Hot Buns to soar in price for Easter:

* Just like we saw with the chickpeas

* UK is in a bit of a spot; they’ve bloody well got some work to do:

* So, dependent on imports. But those are failing, we saw huge losses again in Italy, Spain. So prices rising. +30% YoY for pasta sauce.

mySupermarket reveal pasta and tomato sauce are worst hit in food price rises


* Syria citrus (1.3m Euro in damages): – 2015

* Flooding across US, in Philippines as well — don’t have any data on ag losses yet, but they are certain:

* Ag damage reports starting to flow in from storm Gita :

New Zealand – Apple orchard near Nelson left absolutely ruined by Gita floodwaters

* Gita hit Samoa HARD — not a lot of info coming out of there. Some minimal reports of crop losses:
American Samoa:
Samoa: — will need to read this one —

* Just years away from Venezuela, where people are robbing truck drivers at gunpoint for food:

* Manitoba town Churchill completely isolated, infrastructure destroyed by flooding, not yet repaired: