Grand Solar Minimum news and solutions: frosts reported in Ethiopia for last two seasons. New paper by Svensmark experimentally demonstrating relationship between Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) and cloud nucleation. In other words: it is going to get cloudy. More cold, more wet, coming our way fast, destroying modern agriculture.

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“Truth is a powerful ally.”

* Frosts in Ethiopia:

* Spring Water Tapping:

* Induced Meandering Field Guide:

* Plant Database:

* Svensmark’s “Cloud Mystery:”
and new paper today:


* Colder in Ethiopia. via Anita Bailey, author of book “Cold Times: How to prepare for mini ice age”
** Sebeta , E is just north of equator – 8’N; this jives with what David DuByne, of Adapt 2030, observed losing coffee crops in Myanmar

* 1000mm (39″) rain dumped from TS Urduja

* Case of Septicemic plague in China — 100% fatality rate — hadn’t even heard, but was around in previous cycles:

Herder dies from extremely rare SEPTICEMIC PLAGUE in China – Prevention methods are being imposed to stop eventual outbreak

Cold Times: How to Prepare for Next Ice Age by Dr. Anita Bailey, PhD ships in time for Christmas
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