Ice Age Farmer Podcast Ep #4: Alternate building methods like cob, adobe, and straw bale; Christian issues a challenge, latest news, and a question on soaking seeds for microgreens. Feedback/questions:


IAF004: 7/24/2017
Mapping a path forward to prosperity in an uncertain future.




1. Daily steps towards self-sufficiency: Are you following social conditioning, or actively working towards a more resilient future? Make a point of breaking routines, integrating new knowledge and data as we encounter it, and consciously choosing how to most effectively spend each day: moving towards self-sufficiency as quickly and efficiently as possible!


2. News:

* Southern Hemisphere: record winter from hell. See headlines (fatal hail/flooding, crop losses) from Australia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, New Zealand.

* Extremely dangerous hail continues to increase in frequency — how to integrate this new data into our model.
Hail scar:

* Study linking the period of dinosaur extinction to large geological changes on Mars, further evidencing

3. Viewer Question: Do you soak seeds when starting microgreens?

Mostly! This question started a long IAF discussion of microgreens. Listen for details; it depends on the seed: Peas (24hrs), sunflowers/radish (8hrs), … but do trials and see what works for you in your environment, and with your seed.

4. Special feature: Introduction to Alternate Building Methods

I have been rolling around the USA staying with folks of all sorts, and living in structures that are NOT the American dream–and can even be DEBT FREE living!

Among the structures I’ve visited:
– cob
– adobe
– straw bale
– repurposed bus
– teepee

(I don’t discuss the latter two in this program). These methods are all ancient, and can be mixed/used together. While some structures make more sense in certain climates, oddly, the main reason that one tends to find, for example, adobe in New Mexico, and straw bale in California, is due to building codes and regulations.

Earthship time-lapse:

Since this is clearly just an intro, merely mentioning these techniques, here are some resources to dig further:

— Choosing the appropriate building material:

— Kirsten has videos both on choosing a natural building material:

— … and on the earthships:


Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency!.