Today, IAF explores remediation of effects of large diurnal (between day/night) temperature swings in Aquaponics systems. Small (100 gal and under) systems are particularly vulnerable to quick changes in pH and temperature. Such rapid changes are detrimental to the entirety of the system:

* plants don’t metabolize nutrients, leaving nitrates in the water
* water quality suffers,
* fish feed less (produce less ammonia!) and are more prone to infections
* the biofilter (beneficial bacteria, which turn ammonia [fish waste] into nitrites, into nitrates [plant food]) can be injured, leaving ammonia in the water
* ammonia is MORE TOXIC at high temperatures
* DO (dissolved oxygen) drops, because Oxygen is less soluble as temperature increases

All of these factors mean that temperature fluctuations are a BAD THING. In this video, IAF shares this information, and walks through steps taken to remediate the damage in the current heat wave (100’F+ days, 55’F nights):

* Rotating Ice Packs by day, to keep water temperature from escalating too high
* Sadly, may have to use a heater by night, to keep water temp from dropping too low
* Added a bubbler + air stone, to ensure water has enough DO so fish can breathe easy
* Did a PWC (partial water change), which I try to avoid with Aquaponics, to flush out ammonia and ensure fish stay healthy.

In the context of the Grand Solar Minimum, and the highly irregular and increasingly extreme climate, this really speaks to INDOOR GROWING — AQUAPONICS will produce more reliably in a more controlled environment, without these fluctuations — which is what we want to ensure FOOD SECURITY.

YOU CAN DO THIS AT HOME! –And you should, to produce clean food for your family. It’s that or watch as the food prices continue to increase, and ultimately, the shelves empty completely.

Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the current Grand Solar Minimum / Little Ice Age.