Amazon today announced the acquisition of Whole Foods for $13.7 BB. CEO Jeff Bezos, who purchased the Washington Post a few years back and has turned it into a foaming mouthpiece for the establishment and their global warming / globalism narratives, has just seized control over the single largest distribution channel of organic food.

It is no surprise that people with resources and information are moving to profit from the Grand Solar Minimum. Are you?

Here are some other signs:

  • Farm prices (which should be skyrocketing like all other hard assets as people scramble out of the currencies being devastated by central banks) have declined since their peak in 2013 — even in advance of the actual crop losses. Institutional investors–including Buffet and the Chinese–are getting out.
  • Startup company has finally nailed the indoor farming model (May 18, 2017) — again indicating that VCs are shifting their investments into alternative agriculture, because traditional models are failing

These financial indicators are quite clear. It is no secret: history and current data, clearly indicate we are entering a Grand Solar Minimium. If this is indeed the case, we would expect to see big money positioning itself to profit from this. And we do.