In this video, I introduce:

  • Oyster Mushrooms are a relatively low-effort, decently nutritious, immune-boosting fungi!
  • Red worms are awesome producers of worm castings/compost.
  • Duckweed is a high-protein, mini lettuce-like plant that grows atop slow moving water and can be used to supplement fish diets (up to 20%). Soldier larvae (up to 50%) are another option–likely coming to the farm soon!

Although I mention in the video that I might not make mushrooms in the future, I don’t regret learning how to do so. There are many cool applications for fungi, from medicinal to remediative, and on balance, they are relatively low-effort after setting up the medium & inoculating.

Also in this video, IAF works on establishing more of the well-understood processes that cycle energy through our systems:

  • Starting a red worm bin to turn scraps into worm castings and liquid fertilizer for potted plants
  • Receiving duckweed, and setting it up to start producing an initial population to then pull from and supplement fish diet. They love it, and it feels healthy to add living foods into their diet. Goldfish are omnivores after all!
  • Considering black solider larvae also, to turn even more scraps into a tiny bit of compost and a lot of larvae, which can also be used for fish food
  • And a crazy cold front & rain rolls through Northern California, dumping rain on the central valley (including Oroville)


  • Oyster Mushroom Spawn Dowels (100 ct $16)
  • Here is a great tutorial on farming duckweed
  • Intro to vermiculture / worm composting

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