Efficient planting of microgreens is a careful balance between too thin (not fully leveraging your soil/time) vs. too dense. This tray of radishes microgreens was planted too densely, resulting in some seeds/soil getting pushed up into the surrounding sprouts. It’s not ideal to have this wet, organic material up around your stalks; it can cause rotting of the surrounding good greens, attract pests, and generally be nasty.

Also in this video:
* A fully harvested tray of pea sprouts also idle and surprised me with a decent second harvest! Good to know that with rich enough soil, these trays can actually keep producing.
* Ice Age Farmer waxes philosophic about cities squandering tax money on massive decorative landscaping instead of creating edible parks for citizens, equally (if not more) beautiful, and helpful for food security. But the system NEEDS you to NEED it, so don’t expect that to happen.

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