Cold Times: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age – Dr. Anita Bailey [Author Interview] (e034)

Dr. Anita Bailey, author of Cold Times: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age, joins Christian to discuss the intensifying changes in climate we are already experiencing, and how we can live better lives, both qualitatively and in preparedness. We also ran the gamut:

– damage reports from her area resulting from unstable growing season [3:26]
– how Anita was affected by the realization that we are entering “Cold Times” [14:55]
– spouses who aren’t able (or willing?) to switch into a self-reliant life [21:00]
– the censorship of climate truth can’t hold up to physical reality
– how people are being made to FEAR food.

… and what an exciting time it is to be alive and have worthwhile work to do!


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Volcanic/Seismic Uptick; On Q Anon; Dalton Minimum; Russian Permaculture (e30)

We are experiencing the expected increase in volcanic/seismic activity, as the Grand Solar Minimum results in still increased Galactic Cosmic Rays, and transitively, increased cloud cover, general climate chaos, and resulting crop losses. A Strategy of Tension deploys layered psyops to keep people from focusing on the collapsing ecosystems. Q Anon/Trump cannot grow your food. You can. Start now.

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HISTORY: Lewis & Clarke Exp. Climate Records


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Reconnecting to Nature through Spiritual Permaculture: How Russians grow 51% of their food


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