Infrastructure Failing: Power Grid Faltering as Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies – Prepare Now!

Amid reports of blackouts from subscribers, Christian investigates regional reports from the US energy sector, exploring the effect of recent record cold temperatures resulting from the Grand Solar Minimum on our fragile power grid. As the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, our infrastructure — from generation through transmission to distribution — is rapidly faltering.

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Cold Winters Testing Limits of US Grid:

South Carolina (SCE&G):

North Carolina (Duke Energy Carolinas)

/Indiana (Duke Energy):
Last week’s arctic blast leads to winter energy usage record for Duke Energy

Arkansas: (NAEC = North Arkansas Electric Coop)

Missouri / Louisiana: “almost went down on cold”

Texas: grid stayed up because it’s rock solid due to AIR CONDITIONER USE. Look deeper, use was on par with MID AUGUST, which is peak demand on generation,

Florida: similar story:

DC-area : 3 record utilization days

ISO New England:

Fuel Security Study: blackouts to come:

Spot price jumping — this is what happens when assets for which there IS NO SUBSTITUTE — like STAYING WARM, or EATING — experience supply shortages:

And the storm also took out Pilgrim nuke plant:

ISO New England has an “ISO Express”

Excellent coverage of ISO-NE crunch during cold wave from this blogger:

During January cold snap, US withdrew record Nat Gas from storage:

Australia in their heatwave is also experiencing outages;

We spoke already about Germany’s grid being terrible shape.


thermal coal record price — Record Winter demand on generation.

*** related thread — blaming energy prices / grid instability on crypto energy use ? or what is:

and even Wall Street is betting on this thing going down, albeit in their case, betting on grid attack or cyberattack: