Infrastructure Failing: Power Grid Faltering as Grand Solar Minimum Intensifies – Prepare Now!

Amid reports of blackouts from subscribers, Christian investigates regional reports from the US energy sector, exploring the effect of recent record cold temperatures resulting from the Grand Solar Minimum on our fragile power grid. As the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies, our infrastructure — from generation through transmission to distribution — is rapidly faltering.

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Cold Winters Testing Limits of US Grid:

South Carolina (SCE&G):

North Carolina (Duke Energy Carolinas)

/Indiana (Duke Energy):
Last week’s arctic blast leads to winter energy usage record for Duke Energy

Arkansas: (NAEC = North Arkansas Electric Coop)

Missouri / Louisiana: “almost went down on cold”

Texas: grid stayed up because it’s rock solid due to AIR CONDITIONER USE. Look deeper, use was on par with MID AUGUST, which is peak demand on generation,

Florida: similar story:

DC-area : 3 record utilization days

ISO New England:

Fuel Security Study: blackouts to come:

Spot price jumping — this is what happens when assets for which there IS NO SUBSTITUTE — like STAYING WARM, or EATING — experience supply shortages:

And the storm also took out Pilgrim nuke plant:

ISO New England has an “ISO Express”

Excellent coverage of ISO-NE crunch during cold wave from this blogger:

During January cold snap, US withdrew record Nat Gas from storage:

Australia in their heatwave is also experiencing outages;

We spoke already about Germany’s grid being terrible shape.


thermal coal record price — Record Winter demand on generation.

*** related thread — blaming energy prices / grid instability on crypto energy use ? or what is:

and even Wall Street is betting on this thing going down, albeit in their case, betting on grid attack or cyberattack:

Volcanic/Seismic Uptick; On Q Anon; Dalton Minimum; Russian Permaculture (e30)

We are experiencing the expected increase in volcanic/seismic activity, as the Grand Solar Minimum results in still increased Galactic Cosmic Rays, and transitively, increased cloud cover, general climate chaos, and resulting crop losses. A Strategy of Tension deploys layered psyops to keep people from focusing on the collapsing ecosystems. Q Anon/Trump cannot grow your food. You can. Start now.

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HISTORY: Lewis & Clarke Exp. Climate Records


Mt Agung erupting in Bali (1/12):

Stromboli eruption (1/12):

Mt Mayon (1/14, second time this weekend):

Philippines also rattled by ten quakes, growing in strength (1/14):

Costa Rica’s Tenorio earthquake swarms:

Reconnecting to Nature through Spiritual Permaculture: How Russians grow 51% of their food


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Dr. Anita Bailey: Cold Times: Preparing for the Mini Ice Age
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Sacha Dobler’s “Next GSM & Cosmic Rays” intro:
The next Grand Solar Minimum, Cosmic Rays and Earth Changes for Beginners

Oppenheimer Ranch Project:
Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the Grand Solar Minimum!

Paramagnetism; Superseeds; Survivor Cow; Global Cooling Narrative Shift (e25)

Fragility of Power Grids + Erupting Plasma Filaments; Indoor growing. Analysis of media and HUGE shifts in the Narrative that deliberately hijack “Global Cooling,” and crowd namespace, causing confusion. Importance of spreading the word about the Grand Solar Minimum now, before new narrative is established.

Full show notes on IAF wiki:

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Crop losses continue, exponentially increasing extreme weather events, and volcanic/seismic activity: many indications that the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum continue to accelerate. START MOVING TOWARDS SELF-SUFFICIENCY TODAY.


* Siberia, reaching -60C: As the geomagnetic pole tends that way, so too do the polar weather patterns. Massive earth changes, visible every day.

* UK at -10C, officials warning 40,000 could die —

* Flooding in Hawaii (plus snow coming unseasonably early)

* Flooding in Thailand affects 400,000

* Study from U of Bristol, volcanic supereruptions are more frequent than previously thought

* Germany: grid extremely vulnerable :

“Whenever the grid threatens to fly out of control, Tennet grid operators need to move fast and intervene. Years ago before the wind and solar energy were fed in to the grid in significant volumes, operators intervened to avert a black out maybe “up to five times per year“. But today “we are up to 1000 – 1500 interventions per year,” says Volker Weinreich, Director of the Hanover grid control center.

The HR reports further: “The Energiewende means more and more work for the men and women at the control center in Hanover.” And they “must always be alert.” According to Weinreich, the grid “no longer functions without the daily interventions by these employees“.”

* Peterson on power grid

* IAF Episode 15: Our Grid is Teetering on the Edge

* Earthquakes in strange places — 5.3 off the east coast

* ALERT: Agung Shifting the Narrative to HIDE Grand Solar Minimum!/v/iceagefarmer/nenc6e7q
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