Hopi Dry Farmer Michael Kotutwa – 2000 Years of Planting (e34)

Michael Kotutwa is a 200th generation Hopi farmer who continues the traditional agricultural practices of his family — and for good reason! The philosophies and specific methods he employs have been refined over hundreds of years in order to produce sufficient food to maintain even through the most difficult seasons. Michael joins Christian to speak about the Hopi, of their history, how their spirituality and agriculture are one and the same, and share some of these practices.

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Michael’s exhibit at Arizona State Museum in Tucson:

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More on Hopi “dry farming” techniques:

Special thanks to Scott McDonough.


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Ep 14: Interview: ‘Diamond’ of Oppenheimer Ranch Project on Grand Solar Minimum Solutions

IAF Podcast #14, aired September 24, 2017:

There are plenty of great researchers talking about the Grand Solar Minimum and its effects — the focus here at IAF is on SOLUTIONS: Helping to build self-sufficiency and food sovereignty to thrive in the challenging times ahead.

In this interview, we speak with Diamond from the Oppenheimer Ranch Project, who is already an Ice Age Farmer, putting in practice permaculture philosophies in high alpine environment with challenging growing season!

Diamond has been working in this direction for years, and I am thrilled to have him on the show to share some of his knowledge.

Due to a technical issue, the show was interrupted early, but we both had so much fun that we agreed to make this the first of a series. Stay tuned.

We do speak to:

* What has worked for him, and what hasn’t
* Animals and considerations for how they will fare in the coming colder seasons
* Whether indoor growing makes sense
* Permaculture concepts applied to both growing and living spaces
* Keeping various types of greenhouses running at different points in the season

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Interview: David ‘Diamond’ from Oppenheimer Ranch Project[edit]