Paramagnetism; Superseeds; Survivor Cow; Global Cooling Narrative Shift (e25)

Fragility of Power Grids + Erupting Plasma Filaments; Indoor growing. Analysis of media and HUGE shifts in the Narrative that deliberately hijack “Global Cooling,” and crowd namespace, causing confusion. Importance of spreading the word about the Grand Solar Minimum now, before new narrative is established.

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Crop losses continue, exponentially increasing extreme weather events, and volcanic/seismic activity: many indications that the effects of the Grand Solar Minimum continue to accelerate. START MOVING TOWARDS SELF-SUFFICIENCY TODAY.


* Siberia, reaching -60C: As the geomagnetic pole tends that way, so too do the polar weather patterns. Massive earth changes, visible every day.

* UK at -10C, officials warning 40,000 could die —

* Flooding in Hawaii (plus snow coming unseasonably early)

* Flooding in Thailand affects 400,000

* Study from U of Bristol, volcanic supereruptions are more frequent than previously thought

* Germany: grid extremely vulnerable :

“Whenever the grid threatens to fly out of control, Tennet grid operators need to move fast and intervene. Years ago before the wind and solar energy were fed in to the grid in significant volumes, operators intervened to avert a black out maybe “up to five times per year“. But today “we are up to 1000 – 1500 interventions per year,” says Volker Weinreich, Director of the Hanover grid control center.

The HR reports further: “The Energiewende means more and more work for the men and women at the control center in Hanover.” And they “must always be alert.” According to Weinreich, the grid “no longer functions without the daily interventions by these employees“.”

* Peterson on power grid

* IAF Episode 15: Our Grid is Teetering on the Edge

* Earthquakes in strange places — 5.3 off the east coast

* ALERT: Agung Shifting the Narrative to HIDE Grand Solar Minimum!/v/iceagefarmer/nenc6e7q
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