IAF Methodology and Compost Heater

Taking daily steps towards radical self-sufficiency means looking each day at what INPUT is required. Identifying these inputs and creating systems that will produce them for tomorrow allows you to push forward that frontier of producing your own inputs–and increasingly leveraging your own outputs!

Each step increases your resilience. This concept must be applied to the communities we build as well.

Today, I apply this methodology to one of the two elephants in the room with respect to the challenges of moving our food production to sustainable off-grid indoor growing in order to ensure our food security in this Grand Solar Minimum: HEAT.

A compost water heater generates HEAT (up to 160F/70C) as it produces COMPOST, which can be used for growing further crops. By completing the cycle here, you generate energy AND reduce your dependence on external inputs!

Also in this video:

* drilling holes for a new 2″NFT pipe
* transferring dwarf moringa oleifera starts in coco coir into containers under LED lights

… and a spider spins a web across one of my grow beds.

YOU CAN DO THIS AT HOME! –And you should, to produce clean food for your family. It’s that or watch as the food prices continue to increase, and ultimately, the shelves empty completely.

Start taking daily steps NOW towards radical self-sufficiency so that you can thrive in the current Grand Solar Minimum / Little Ice Age.

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