Retail Food Prices Pop – Meat as Taboo – Hawaiian Snow – Decentralized Food!

“Eat your meat outside, earth-killer!” Former UN calls to banish meat eaters. Historic snow in Hawaii. 150 homes destroyed by hail in India. 1,600 cattle lost in Yakima. Whole Foods raising prices. Start growing your own food and forming resilient communities today.

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Hawaiian Snow:

Snow Has Fallen in a Hawaii State Park for Perhaps the First Time Ever

USA – Blizzard kills more than 1,600 dairy cows in Lower Yakima Valley

“Unprecedented Cold, Unprecedented Crop Loss”

“Meat Eaters should be Banished”

Former UN Climate Chief: Meat eaters should be banished, treated ‘the same way that smokers are treated”

NOAA’s “OceanWatch” Sea Surface Height monitor:

Pastor starts greenhouse op:

‘I wanted to do more for people than just pray’: Pastor blends faith, farms to end food insecurity in black churches