GSM NOW: Break Normalcy bias! NorCal wildfires; evacuation update; N95 masks (e17)

In this very unscripted, direct-from-the-heart episode, I implore you to look deeply at your daily activities, ensuring that you have changed any patterns that don’t make sense given the NEW reality: agriculture is failing, civilizational support systems are collapsing, and we must build a new future from the ground up.

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Puerto Rico, HAM Radio, Daily Steps, GSM News (e16)

Join IAF as we explore the effects of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico’s agriculture, take a look at how their grid and distribution systems are (or aren’t) coming back online).

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IAF016 10/4/2017:

1. Icebreaker: puerto rico coverage — systems break down
100% agriculture — no one talking about
grid down / gas distribution / logistics “reboot”

2. Daily Steps over video iceland’s aurora:

Shawn: overcame anxiety after realization, got some non-gmo seeds, started planting away!
Shaun: doing experiments with DC voltage applied to seeds
James Coleman: lives in Canada, and is now a criminal for listening to this Podcast, and for questioning the Global Warming narrative
“Galileo & Copernicus were thrown into jail for saying the Earth revolved around the Sun.”
Phi: has written letters to local papers, trying to get climate truth in Opinion Piece — awesome work Phi
k-Bird: was inspired by the video of vertical towers i posted to try his hand, thrilled to hear
I: spent 90min today on the two spirulina tanks, which is too much. in these times, need systems that will run themselves.
looking/feeling more and more like the self-sufficient homestead of the future is going to look more like an acre and a goat, than battlestar galactica, but hope springs eternal that tech will help soften our landing.

3. GSM news

* other articles that are driven by the #gsm hashtags — see

4. HAM Radio

Radio is powerful. The ability to communicate independently is desirable.

I have and recommend a handheld Baofeng; they are programmable so that you can set the frequencies of local repeaters, and have these handy in an emergency/grid-down situation.

Also mentioned: coverage of HAM operators saving lives in Puerto Rico.

5. Book of the Day: Encyclopedia of Country Living
This is a really great guide, tips for self-sufficient homestead: 40th ann edition or find paperback for $5

6. Item of the Day: Baofeng BF-F8HP handheld ham radio

Let’s go ahead and make the recommendation of a handheld radio official. Being able to communicate without grid power/internet is important, and worth $60: $62

Our Grid is Teetering on the Edge; Volcanoes; Cholera; Preserving; Preparedness

We are seeing major systems (airlines, Playstation) going down at regular intervals based on solar activity. We have been warned that our power grid is not prepared for what’s going on. The scripting is already there — even the pre-suggestion that North Korea was responsible, so that the NWO agenda can march on.

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Aquaponics Fish Food:


Canning Victory Gardens:

S. Fred Singer in Washington Times:

Interview with Diamond from Oppenheimer Ranch Project:

Ep 14: Interview: ‘Diamond’ of Oppenheimer Ranch Project on Grand Solar Minimum Solutions

IAF Podcast #14, aired September 24, 2017:

There are plenty of great researchers talking about the Grand Solar Minimum and its effects — the focus here at IAF is on SOLUTIONS: Helping to build self-sufficiency and food sovereignty to thrive in the challenging times ahead.

In this interview, we speak with Diamond from the Oppenheimer Ranch Project, who is already an Ice Age Farmer, putting in practice permaculture philosophies in high alpine environment with challenging growing season!

Diamond has been working in this direction for years, and I am thrilled to have him on the show to share some of his knowledge.

Due to a technical issue, the show was interrupted early, but we both had so much fun that we agreed to make this the first of a series. Stay tuned.

We do speak to:

* What has worked for him, and what hasn’t
* Animals and considerations for how they will fare in the coming colder seasons
* Whether indoor growing makes sense
* Permaculture concepts applied to both growing and living spaces
* Keeping various types of greenhouses running at different points in the season

Support Diamond’s work:

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      • Youtube


Interview: David ‘Diamond’ from Oppenheimer Ranch Project[edit]

Criminalizing ‘Climate Dissent’


Miracles; Grand Solar Minimum News/Intensification; Fungal Diseases (Ep 13)

Trust in God, but row away from the rocks. Today IAF discusses the events of the week, which were really quite severe and alarming, but should serve only to increase our resolve to map a path to prosperity in the Grand Solar Minimum.


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1. Christian’s thoughts

2. Icebreaker: Grand Solar Minimum Symptoms (7:30)

There are several lessons learned from studying very early global cooling events in Europe. See also the discussion of the Great Famine of 1315 in Episode 5.

  • Onset of these conditions can be very abrupt and very severe.
  • A decline in food production due to:
    • Dramatic increase in days with overcast skies.
    • Decline in the intensity of sunlight.
    • Decline by several degrees in global temperature
    • Regions of massive rainfall and flooding
    • Limited regions experienced droughts
    • Shortened growing season
  • A string of major and minor famines
  • Malnutrition lead to weakened immune system. Produced influenza epidemics.
  • Reoccurrence of plagues such as the Black Plague.
  • Lack of feed for livestock
  • Parasites (i.e. fusarium nivale), which thrived under snow cover, devastated crops.
  • Grain storage in cool damp conditions produced fungus (Ergot Blight). Contaminated grains when consumed caused an illness (St. Anthony’s Fire) producing convulsions, hallucinations, gangrenous rotting of extremities.
  • Flooding created swamplands that became mosquito breeding grounds and introduced tropical diseases such as malaria throughout Europe.
  • During hot summers, cold air aloft produced killer hailstorms (hailstones that could kill a cow).
  • Higher frequency of powerful storms produced major devastations.
  • Glacier advance swallowed up entire alpine villages.
  • Ruptured glacial ice dams produced deadly floods.
  • Drastic increase in seismic activity (earthquake, volcano)
  • Hugely increased atmospheric electric charge (fatal lightning strikes, positive lightning, sprites, noctilucent clouds, northern lights)

3. Grand Solar Minimum News (11:44)

Last time, shared a piece about how re-planted corn (after late frost) required additional time to mature
“Should be fine if Mother Nature gives us a few more weeks” negative! Early fall: Late spring:
Harvey fallout
– dairy prices – gas prices – cattle (beef) – GAS prices — which are used to harvest everything, and transport all food to market FOOD PRICES ARE RISING
remnants of Harvey causing flash flooding across TX/LA border
1% off US GDP
Houston area sank 2cm under weight of water
Volcanoes, keep an eye on Vanuatu, danger zones declared
Earthquakes, Turkey was hit by 28,002 in the first 8 months of 2017
1.5 million acres of US west

4. Daily Steps (17:22)
It is a miracle I am alive, and I am ABSOLUTELY dedicated to this community and the process of sharing knowledge as this climate changes, to ensure we all thrive in the times ahead.

Also, some basic info on crickets! Added this to the wiki:

5. Community Feedback (17:22)

Sharing a communique from an ER doctor regarding increased cases of fungal infections, despite being in a warm, dry area. Any ideas, folks?

Elites Constructing “Alt-Ag;” Plant Anatomy, Power to the Individual, Grand Solar Minimum News!  (Ep12)

Elites Constructing “Alt-Ag;” Plant Anatomy, Power to the Individual, Grand Solar Minimum News! (Ep12)

Today: Grand Solar Minimum news: Elites Constructing “Alt-Ag;” Plant Anatomy, Power to the Individual! (Ep12)

See this episode’s entry on the IAF wiki!


Soil, Natural Cycles, Indiana & Germany Farm Reports, Peas (Ep 11)

Today: IAF takes a step back, and starts from the beginning: the philosophies of organic/biodynamic/no-till farming begin with good soil husbandry. Natural
cycles. Updates on crop losses in Norway, Germany, Indiana.

BOOK of the DAY: The Self-Sufficient Gardener (John Seymore, 1980)
$16 —

ITEM of the DAY: Grodan 1″ cubes, used for aquaponic/hydroponic starts:
$16 —

Show notes on wiki:


1. Daily Steps – 2:56
2. Ice Breaker – 8:18

3. Special: Intro to Self Sufficient Gardening: Natural Cycles and Soil – 12:43
SIX RULES of organic philosophy according to John Seymour’s 1980 “Self Sufficient Gardener”:
1. Work with, not against, nature.
2. Nature is diverse; so too must we practice diversity.
3. Must husband other forms of life in environments as close as possible to those in which that life evolved.
4. Must return to the soil as much as we remove/harvest from it (law of conservation I’d energy at work)
5. Feed the soil, not the plant
6.must observe nature as a whole, never any single part of it.
4. Community Feedback 38:36
– addition to the potato towers / tires in garden
added to:
– note on plague
– wood gasifier
added to:

Send your questions, suggestions, ground reports to

5. Grand Solar Minimum News 43:52
“Worst flood South Asia has seen in decades.” 24 Million affected by flood now

Fungus making leaves change/drop, even in August
(if it IS a fungus, this is an effect of the wet summer, thanks to GSM.
if it’s not, then the leaves are changing/dropping too early, fall coming soon.
either way, this is due to the changes in the sun’s output, and concerning).

Norway’s farmers’ harvests PITIFUL
Just as David Dilley described, cooling/warming start from the poles, moves inward.
Makes sense to see it there first, although:

Norway’s Washout Summer – Farmers Despair

Gerd and Olaf have been farmers for almost 40 years. They have never experienced a worse summer.
“The animals do not want to go into this shit either,” says Olaf. “And if they go, their teats get dirty, and then milk quality can be a problem.”

Plant Hardiness maps (via Bob Felix,
Straight from the USDA’s mouth, zones are shifting — it’s getting colder.

Popocatepetl volcato erupts during Solar Eclipse

Translation of article on Solar Grand Minimum we’re experiencing:

Solar Cycle Continues To Be The Weakest In 2 Centuries

Other headlines, not covered in Podcast (focus on solutions):
record cold in Russia,
the snowfalls in Canada (not at elevation),
noctilucent clouds over England
— these and MANY, MANY more,

6. Crop Focus: Peas (47:53)
Nitrogen-fixing, great for microgreens, super easy to grow to seed.

Black Monday 1360, Sunflower, Potato Towers, Nutritious-yet-Hardy crops, IAF wiki


Today: Black Monday 1360, Sunflower, Potato Towers, Nutritious-yet-Hardy crops, IAF wiki

ITEM of the DAY: Kingbo 45W LED grow lights:
Kingbo 45W LED Grow Lamps:
$29 —
Use for my spirulina and microgreens

New IAF wiki!


IAF010: 8/19/2017
Mapping a path forward to prosperity, building resilient communities; sharing knowledge in the GSM


Black Monday, 1360

Farmer’s Almanac:
Potato Towers using Tires
Geodesic dome greenhouse,
No-till method: lasagna gardening

3. QUESTIONS: send yours, or use the SpeakPipe box on to send a voicemail:

* most nutrient- and calorie-dense crops?
* cold-hardy varieties?

Send your questions, suggestions, ground reports to


Tomato: Northern Ruby, Sub Arctic Plenty, Tigerella
Summer Squash: Desi, Gray Zucchini
Winter Squash: Uconn, Zucchino Rampicante

see more IAF Video #5: Sourcing Seeds & Cold Hardy Varieties:

4. CROP FOCUS: Sunflower
Sunflower Microgreens Nutrition:




Plant Growth “Hacks,” Censorship, Greenhouse Collapse, Grand Solar Minimum News (Ep 9)

Pippi’s compost, German Schrebergarten, Biodynamic farms, Earthberm buildings and Monolithic/Geodesic domes, Grand Solar Minimum news, Bubonic Plague in Arizona, (more):

BOOK OF DAY: Mike Oehler’s $50 and up Underground House Book:

ITEM OF DAY: Silicate! Build plant immune systems, important given decreasing energy we’re receiving from sun:
$19 for 1lb:



IAF009: 8/15/2017
Mapping a path forward to prosperity, building resilient communities; sharing knowledge in the GSM






Pipi’s Compost: kitchen scraps, horse manure, leaves, azomite, vermiculite, coconut coir, perlite. I also water the compost pile to keep it moist before adding to the worm bin. I left it outside all winter with a plastic sheet covering it and they withstood the cold!

Mike Oehler’s interview by Kirsten Dirksen:

and his book, Free, “the $50 Underground House Book”

See Oppenheimer Ranch’s report here + Subscribe!

4. NEWS: (16:00)

Both RIGHT and LEFT sites affected by demonitization and censorship.

YouTube Begins Purging Alternative Media as the Deep State Marches Toward WW3

They are ratcheting up distractions. Stay focused, prepare your family, stay centered emotionally.

US: Peach harvest

Ontario rains/flooding:

Belgian Apples 68% loss

Polish Apples 75% loss

Apple/Pear Harvest at < 50% Netherlands

Dutch apple harvest lowest in decade, prices set to soar

Serbia, Lucifer Heatwave, 60% loss

Receding from EAST coast of S. America

Yet monster tides on WEST of S. America

Oceans in Opposition: Giant Pacific waves crash in Chile while another historical Atlantic Ocean receding is reported in Brazil (videos)

100s perish in Sierra Leone

45 fatalities in landslide, India

11 deaths, flooding in Iran


DROUGHT, Ethiopia, kills 2+ MILLION animals:

Drought hits Ethiopia, claims 2m animals

4 die, plus multiple cattle, in Ethiopia

And more in India


PLAGUE detected in fleas in Arizona?

Jill Elizabeth confirms this and mentions several locals have died over the years.
Thanks also McGowan , alerted me to “Thieves”

The Story Of Thieves